The key to a brand’s retail success lies at the point of purchase. 

We recognize that brands aren’t made, they are built. From R&D, sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping, to brand identity, marketing and ultimately selling in distribution. 

In today’s intensely crowded sets, competitive pricing, and limited merchandising space,  executional excellence is imperative.

That’s where EL ROAD comes in! 

EL ROAD’s superior merchandising & demonstration services ensure  your product attracts the attention it deserves. How? We’ve outlined details of our partnerships below.



Welcome to EL ROAD Virtual Demos,  a new dimension in product demonstrations and sampling for the digital age!


EL ROAD Virtual Demos was born as a response to the current restrictions for in-store demos. We are here to help every brand connect with new and current customers to support their business with retailers around the country.


This program will be particularly supportive of new and emerging brands trying to gain traction and boost brand awareness by driving trial purchases. Our brand participants will have full control of their coupon offers that can be tweaked at any time for market testing. 


We feel suppliers will realize great value in this program and look forward to long-lasting relationships with our EL ROAD Virtual Demo partners.





  • Generate detailed reporting and photos. 


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