"I would like to say a few words about working with EL ROAD as a Roadie.

It is a very professional company and Laurie is super awesome. She makes you feel part of the family from the start. I love the fact that she gets back to you right away when you have a question, it's like she's connected to her phone. And she is very prompt with paying you and always reimburses you for any product you bought for the demo.

Once you learn Promomash, the program that they use, it's fast and easy to submit a demo, it's way better than having to write everything out by hand and submit online. I enjoy working with them very much." 

Charlene – Eugene, OR ROADIE

Ever wanted one of those kinds of jobs that provides extra income and you really enjoy doing it? EL ROAD has provided me just that!  Under the guided care and assistance of our boss Laurie, the founder of the company, every Roadie has an opportunity to earn, learn, and enjoy doing marketing demos of quality products in various stores around their state. I have had the opportunity to engage with customers and store personnel in many stores in Colorado. I have learned various sales techniques to intrigue and market to customers. Laurie's company is dedicated to professionalism and making her clients happily satisfied with the efforts of her staff and the highly engaging marketing service they provide. When we Roadies establish a rapport with our customers and information about products it only leads to smiles, conversation, and overall fun time for all! Reporting back on engagements is detailed, efficient, and the technology runs smoothly and timely. EL ROAD is the best ambassador marketing services I've worked with! Thank you Laurie for the opportunity of being one of your ambassadors. You've been there to guide and support whenever needed.

Chris – Littleton, CO ROADIE

"The experiential marketing industry is all about engaging with consumers about new products and services and setting yourself apart by sharing your story. As brand ambassadors, representing a brand effectively requires being educated about the product but also supported. EL ROAD does just that. Strong communication, expectations, direction, and support is provided by EL ROAD, with the added bonus of working with kind people who know the industry, have been in your shoes, and recognize quality ambassadors. Utilizing a convenient and efficient app, EL ROAD streamlines scheduling, confirming, and reporting, making the admin side of the job seamless in order to free up time to focus on the main goal of sharing the brand. 

Quality team, solid product, great communication, AND fast pay - what more could you ask for?! *I was not reimbursed for this testimony, I just love working with a company that knows what they are doing!" 

Christen – Houston, TX  ROADIE

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with EL ROAD, thus far. Laurie is incredibly communicative, organized, and truly cares about her brand ambassadors. Her continuous hard work/passion is matched with a refreshingly personable element that motivates the team to set the highest possible standard for both EL ROAD and its various clients alike." 

Crystal – Charlottesville, VA ROADIE

I have had an opportunity to work with EL ROAD and I loved it.  Laurie is the best!  She clearly goes above and beyond for both her B.A's and her clients.  I was given the information for an upcoming demo.  As it worked out, I ended up in a conversation with the client and Laurie before the event. The event went very well.  I ended up talking with Laurie and the client after the demo as well.  Laurie and the client were thrilled and wanted to talk to me and let me know that.  I can't say I have ever had anything quite like that before.  I have had feedback before that the client was happy, but Laurie actually got it arranged that I got to hear that from the client. Laurie is not only great to work for, she also pays fast. I wish I could do events for her more often. 

Mark – New Lenox, IL ROADIE

"I would like to take this opportunity to express what a professional company EL ROAD is. As a Roadies, I have been working with Laurie first hand. I have witnessed a detailed and very organized leader. She has gone the extra mile to make sure her Brand Ambassadors are prepared and ready to execute their products. Not only will she email very detailed instructions but will follow up. Laurie has expressed superior leadership along with being a detailed professional. She just cares about her Roadies. Laurie is well rounded and a great person to work for. I would give the company EL ROAD the highest ranking of a company with Laurie heading it. This is a great company to work for and Laurie being the owner fits together perfectly to make any Service job enjoyable!!!" 

Tammy – Middlesex County, NJ ROADIE

"I worked on a new product launch with EL ROAD at Las Vegas Whole Foods.  Here are the pros for working with EL ROAD.  Your schedule is set up all at once for the whole campaign. Laurie Green, the owner booked me for two demos a day for both Saturday and Sunday.  The pay rate is comparable to other agencies. Laurie does payroll every Sunday night and my checks were in my mailbox on Tuesday!  That is above and beyond any agency I have ever worked for. If you do your job and follow the few simple rules Laurie spells out right from the beginning you will have a great time working for a great agency.  I highly recommend EL ROAD." 

Brigitta – Las Vegas, NV ROADIE

I have been working with EL ROAD for almost a year and Laurie has made this job a blast. I began with no experience yet Laurie taught me everything I needed to know. This company is amazing & I love how easily available Laurie is to all of her Roadies. Anytime there’s an issue or I have a question, she easily and efficiently resolves it. The pay is also great and she always makes sure to send out payroll Sunday so I get it by Tuesday. I’ve really enjoyed working for this company & am thankful for the opportunities Laurie has given me.   

Brenna, - Anchorage, AK,  ROADIE